Hey babe! It's Liv.

Welcome to my blog! This is very impromptu of me but it has been something that has weighed on me for a while. But first, let me introduce myself! I am 23-years-old and I currently live in the Bay Area with my boyfriend of four years and my 2-year-old pup. I grew up in Roseville, California and moved to Reno, Nevada for college, but ended up dropping out after two years. I also attended beauty school (which I didn't finish either) and now am a Certified Personal Trainer.


Fashion is my passion (did you like that?) but it's something that I feel like I've never truly gotten to express; my Pinterest will show you one side of me and my closet will show you another! My sense of style is, well, everything. I have a tendency to want to be Vanessa Hudgens one minute and Kim Kardashian the next, with maybe a little Margot Robbie. The point of this blog is to help fully manifest this style that I've kept caged in and to hopefully inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, too!

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