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How To Bleach Dye at Home

Tie dye is arguably the most trendy pattern as of right now. It’s everywhere- TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and even in the stores. Target and Urban Outfitters and H&M and all these other stores charge outrageous prices for these items when it’s totally something that you can do at home. You’ll only need a few tools and your clothes will go from rags to riches.

I’m personally into the black and orange bleach dye, which is what I’m doing to teach you how to do today! However, this method of dyeing will work with an piece of clothing and any color dye.

You’re going to need some basic clothing. I chose to purchase a plain black crewneck sweatshirt and matching sweatpants from Amazon for less than $20; they have a variety of colors to chose from if you go that route. Walmart also has some popular plain crew necks and sweatpants, but I can never seem to find them in stores (in my size) which is why I chose to order online.

You’ll also need Toilet Bowl Cleaner with Bleach, gloves, and something to put on the ground as a barrier from the bleach and the floor. I used brown paper bags and cut them so they spread lout and lay flat.

Keep in mind: bleach is a chemical and it stains/ruins EVERYTHING. Make sure you’re in clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting bleach on, that you wear your gloves at all times, and you keep it away from everyone and animals. I would suggest doing it outside, as I did, which helps do exactly that.


1. Soak the items you are going to bleach in water. Ring them out slightly so that they aren’t dripping, but still really wet.

2. With gloves on, lay out your top layer (whether it’s a t-shirt, sweatshirt, tank top, etc.). Then you’re going to scrunch up bits and pieces of the clothing, until the whole item is scrunched as tight as it can’t go. By scrunch I mean, put your fingers and thumb together as if you’re mimicking someone talking too much and use that motion to scrunch parts of the top. I’ll insert a picture here to kind of show what I mean.

3. Once your item is scrunched up, open up the nozzle on your cleaned with bleach and squeeze it all over the item. Make zig zag motions, go up and down, whatever you feel like would make a good pattern. It’s tie dye and tie dye is supposed to be crazy and funky.

4. Once down with one side, careful flip top over while holding the same scrunch together. Then repeat with bleach on the other side.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 to your bottom piece of clothing.

6. When you feel like you’ve completed your final look, set a timer for about 20-25 minutes. You’ll slowly start to see the bleach transform the clothes!

7. When the timer goes off, rinse out your clothes with water until the water runs clear.

8. Throw your bleached items into the wash and wash and dry like normal. IMPORTANT: Do not throw the bleached clothes in the wash with other clothes! There is still a possibility of bleach in the clothes and you don’t want to risk ruining other items.

Thats it! I hope your pieces came out looking like Kylie Jenner would buy them. Now you’ll have something chic and trendy to lounge in during quarantine! Stay safe and stay healthy.


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