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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If there’s one thing I excel at, it’s putting things off to the last minute. Though I’m not proud of it, it’s just a problem that I always find myself running in to around the holidays where people need gifts.

I had a coworker once who told me that she would see things throughout the year that reminded her of a specific person, and she would buy it. Then when it came time to get that person a gift, she already had one picked out and ready to go. I really should start doing that.

I always find myself Googling “last minute gift ideas” when I decided I should just do one myself. Here is a list of some great Mother’s Day gifts that will have your Mom knowing just how much you love her.


Maybe it’s just my mother, but she is ALWAYS curled up on the couch with a blanket. Sometimes she will sleep on the couch just because she’s too comfortable to move. You can never go wrong with something to snuggle with!


Mother’s are always the ones who’s closet gets rummaged through for old jewelry. It’s your turn to replace some of what you’ve taken! You can never have too much jewelry.


Honestly, need I say more. Everyone, not just mom’s, need a dependable pair of slippers. These are my all-time favorite pair. They have a sold on the bottom so they can be work ANYWHERE!


Mom’s are all about arts and crafts. Give her something fun to do while being inside! They will pass the time and make the house smell so good!


They are always whipping up something- it’s in their nature to keep our belly’s full! Give her more variety and more fun things to cook with a new cookbook.


Did your mom ever have a specific scent that you knew belonged to her? It was most likely a perfume that she wore. Perfume’s are an elegant gift that we will defiantly appreciate!


Does your mom like to read? If so, a Kindle is a great idea! It keeps all of her books in one place: no torn pages or covers, no heavy books to haul around, etc.


You’re Mom will love anything you give her. A simple bouquet of flowers and chocolates is sure to give her as much happiness as one of the gifts above!

That’s it, loves! I hope these gave you a few more ideas of what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. I have linked everything below, along with how much they cost! Stay safe and stay healthy.


Barefoot Dreams Blanket- - $147

Mejuri Bracelet- - $140

Mejuri Earrings- - $65

Halluci Slippers- - $23.99

Candle Making Kit- - $60

Cookbook- - $21

Perfume- - $38

Kindle- - $100

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