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Latest Summer Steals

Welcome back to another blog! So sorry for being MIA lately- quarantine and no motivation have gotten the best of me. I promise to do better!

I wanted to showcase a few of my most recent purchases. Almost all of these have been influenced by my favorite Instagram influencers as I’m constantly trying to stay up to date on trends. Let’s just say I’m loving my purchases, but my bank account isn’t! Thank gosh for COVID-19 pay, am I right? And AfterPay, lol.


Nasty Gal has surprisingly become my go-to website for online shopping. I always used to be a little iffy ordering from them because A) its online and you’ll never really know how well something fits and B) I have heard that their pieces are known to be on the cheaper side of things when it comes to quality. I decided to go out on a limb and I’m so happy I did! I will definitely be purchasing from them more. Easier on the bank, too.

I ordered a pair of high waisted jeans with slits down the sides to show off the pair of shoes I wear with, and they are the best fitting pair of jeans I own, no lie! I got them in a size Medium and I was a little nervous because it wasn’t asking the number sizes, but they are a dream. Only problem is they are long, but with the right heels, they will be perfect!

I also ordered this adorable cropped collared top. The 90s are my area of expertise when it comes to fashion and you NEED a collared top in your wardrobe. Pair it with your hair in a clip and gold hoops, girl!

Last thing from Nasty Gal were these cute pair of strappy heels. I specifically wanted a pair that I could wrap around a tie myself which is exactly what I got. I love that they are square in the front as well and not that high of a heel. I can wear them anywhere comfortably and still be a fashionista!


Completely influenced by Blake Healey on Instagram, I purchased a pair of the cutest baggy jean shorts and quilted sandals. Check out her Instagram for more fashion looks that are sure to inspire you! @blakehealey.

These denim shorts were a little pricey but I know they’ll be worth it. I have been wanting a pair for a while so it was time to pull the trigger on them! These shorts are also in Small, Medium, and Large sizes and I went with a small. I haven’t gotten this package in the mail yet so keep up with my Instagram to see how they fit.

I also purchased a pair of quilted sandals that are super popular right now. However, the ones that are the ONES to have are Chanel and ya girl doesn’t have $3,000 to spend on a pair of shoes let alone anything else. I’m very excited to see how these fit- I hope they are true to size!


I recently purchased two pairs of shoes, Reebok’s and Nike’s, that can be ordered off of Urban Outfitters but I didn’t get them off of their website. I actually found the Reebok’s at my local TJ Maxx and got the Nike’s from a seller off of Mercari, but in case you wanted to purchase them immediately I linked the ones from UO.

The Reebok’s are incredibly comfortable. I recently saw that an Instagrammer that I follow swears by them as her go-to-walking-around-Disneyland shoe, and I definitely agree. I can be in these shoes all day! Not to mention they are super cute.

The Nike Air Force 1’s are a staple to have in your closet. They can easily be dressed up or down and look cute with practically everything. Though pricey, they are Nike, so they are sure to last a while!


I usually spend all my money on clothes but I have really been wanting to try this skin care brand. Not only is their packaging aesthetically pleasing, but it supposedly works very well.

I am obsessed with chapstick and they way gloss looks on my lips, and I’ve heard this lip butter balm is the smoothest of the smooth.

I hope this influenced you some! Stay tuned for more of my purchases because as much as I tell myself to stay away, I don’t. And stay tuned for more blogs, I’ve found that motivation again!



Nasty Gal Slit Jeans

Nasty Gal Collared Top

Nasty Gal Strappy Heels

Storets Denim Shorts Storets Quilted Sandals

Urban Outfitters Reebok Sneakers

Urban Outfitters Nike Air Force 1’s

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

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