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My Current Fashion Favs for Spring

Who said that just because we are stuck inside means that we can't still whip out those spring fits? I just wanna talk. Fashion never stops ladies and gents, and we still have spring trends for 2020! I can't seem to get myself off of all of these sites to prepare me for once quarantine is over- especially with these major sales! I want to share a few of my favorite pieces that I have either a) already bought for myself or b) are sitting in my cart waiting to be purchased.

Puffy sleeves are a must-have right now, if I do say so myself, but so does every other magazine and Instagram blogger. Something about them makes you look edgy, yet sweet. There are so many varieties as well, such as color, neck line, and patterns on the sleeves.

This popular pattern is making a major come back- tie dye! Being stuck at home gets you a little more bored than normal, so people have started taking up time by tie dyeing their old (or new) clothes. Though all the different colors on one shirt is still considered tie dye, the style right now is to have a single color. You know, black sweatshirt with orange or white sweatshirt with pink. There are also different techniques to get different designs on each piece you dye.

Speaking of tie dye, not only are the tops in style but so are the bottoms. Matching sets, to be exact. Quarantine is all about loungewear, so why not make it stylish? You can also save a pretty penny if you do the tie dye yourself.

Jeans are never going to go out of style, we all know this. What's great about jeans is that if the style isn't in now, it will be in a few years. Well, straight jeans are back baby! Baggy straight jeans, with a chunky white sneaker, are being worn every where it seems. The can cost quite a bit if you're getting a really nice pair (which are definitely worth it), but I've tagged a few that won't break the bank and still get you compliments.

If you're anything like me, then you know that shoes are what make any kind of outfit. I tend to be a plain Jane when I put some pieces together (my whole closet is full of black and gray) but a funky pair of shoes can spice up any outfit. Lately since every one is into loungewear, cool sneakers have been the option of choice. You really can't go wrong with the OG Nike Air Force 1's, except for the fact that they are sold out almost every where. Constantly keep your eye out though, I ended up seeing a pair that would fit me and I snatched them up REAL quick!

I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I recently purchased a pair of white booties specifically for spring. I think white brightens up every outfit (duh) and what better season to brighten up than spring? I think that white booties make the perfect compliment to a floral dress or even a pair of light, straight jeans and a hat. You can come up with so many different styles with white booties!

Even if you can't afford to be dropping hundreds of dollars on new clothes, you can always stock up on accessories. Not only are they are in the less expensive side, but depending on what you pick, your outfit can go from a 3 to a 10! For example, gold hoops- probably the most "in" accessory right now. They come in tiny, small, medium, and big sizes that are perfect for whatever personality you're wearing for that day. My favorite is to throw on some sweats and a sweatshirt, put my hair in a low bun, and add some gold hoops. Immediately I feel better!

Last but not least, hats! I love a good hat. I once heard that hats don't look good on everybody, and I'm here to tell you that's a myth! My favorite right now are the bigger, straighter hats. Brown and light sand, not black. Again, this is spring people! Surprisingly, bucket hats are also in style. Pair it with a long, silk skirt and a graphic tee, and you're set!

That's it! These fashion pieces are what trends are peeking out this spring. Hopefully this influenced you to create some outfits of your own, and keep checking out my Instagram to see how I use these pieces in my every day style! Also, don't forget to check out the links below to some of these items. Stay home and stay healthy.


Polka Dot Dress:

White Crop-Top Blouse:

Tie Dye Crop Top:

Tie Dye Dress:

Tie Dye Sweatpants:

Tie Dye Mini Skirt:

Straight Holed Jeans:

Straight Jeans:

Nike Air Force 1's:

White Booties:

Gold Hoops:

Fedora Hat:

Bucket Hat:

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