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My Every Night Skincare Routine

Everyone needs a good morning and nighttime skincare routine, these are just facts. No matter who you are, we all can benefit from a quick and simple routine that will ensure our faces wake up feeling fresh and beautiful. For a while, I didn't think skin care was that important, but I also never did my research. Our skin is our body's largest organ and we should be taking VERY good care of it! If you aren't now, don't beat yourself up. This post will give you that motivation you need to clean your skin every night to get that flawless face every day.

Me being me, I like to take things up a notch, and by that I mean one word- boujee (If you don't know this word, Urban Dictionary is your best friend). Being a little "boujee" for my skincare routines always helps to motivate me. I like to grab a fluffy headband of some sort to keep my hair out of my face. It helps if it's a cute one!

Once my headband is on, I clean my face. I currently go through a variety of face washes, but my all-time favorite is Tula's Purifying Face Cleanser. It is made with probiotics and superfoods so it's super healthy for your skin. It doesn't leave my face dry afterwards either, which bothers me about other face washes. You can purchase this face wash on Tula's website for $28.00.

After I cleanse my face, I take a cotton pad and dose it with micellar water. I use it all over my face to get the leftovers that my face wash might have left behind. My micellar water is from Neutrogena's Hydro Boost line which I purchased from Target for $8.99. So inexpensive for such a quality product!

Once all dirt is off of my face, I use another cotton pad with my Humphrey's Witch Hazel Toner. It's alcohol-free which is something you should always look for when buying any kind of skin care product. This was also bought at Target for $9.99.

My face is usually pretty clean and pretty dry after these steps. I like to rehydrate it with a face mask. My favorite face masks are sheet masks. They make it so easy to move around and get things done if you have other things to do. They are also nice when you're just chillin' at home with nothing to do but watch TV. I love lace masks because, well, they just look so classy on your face. I purchase mine from Wal Mart for about $2.50 each, or sometimes I will splurge for the lace sheet face masks at Ulta. The masks are left on for about twenty minutes before they need to be taken off and thrown away.

Usually after a sheet mask, serum is still left on the face. I grab my jade roller and run it all over my face for about five minutes total, really making sure to get that serum to soak into my skin. While the serum is soaking, I use another serum on top specifically for night time. I use the Pacifica Dream Shot Booster serum that I found at Target. I bought it for $14.99, but it is actually on sale on their website for one dollar cheaper. I put a little bit of the serum on my fingers, rub it together between both hands, and lightly pat the serum all over my face.

I like to put my eye cream on before my moisturizer because I personally feel that my eye cream doesn't do what it's supposed to do with the barrier of the moisturizer underneath. My eye cream is from Kylie Skin which I purchased from Ulta for $20.00, but you can always buy it on the website. I wipe a tiny bit of cream under each eye and then go in my ring finger and lightly dab the eye cream into the bags under my eyes. Tip: Use your ring finger any time you need to apply something to your face with a finger- it is the most delicate with the harshest touch.

Lastly, I use my Pacifica Day and Night Cream to moisturize the rest of my face. I love to use Pacifica products because they are all vegan and cruelty-free. I also purchased it from Target for $14.99, but it is sold out online. Once it's all on, I use my Mario Badescu Cucumber Facial Mist as a final touch. Now my skin is feeling amazing and ready for bed!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my skin care routine, and I hoped that maybe I gave you some tips and tricks to add to your own! If you aren't on the skin care wagon right now, you better hop on! It's amazing how much your skin thanks you when it realizes you're treating it right. If you're interested in seeing all of this in action, check out my Instagram page! I uploaded a high light of my entire nighttime skin care routine. Stay tuned for more!


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