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My Go-To Hair Care Routine

Surprisingly, a proper hair care routine is something I don’t see often enough. So many people have healthy skin care regimes, but what about your hair? I don’t know about y’all, but I love healthy, soft, glowy and flowy hair that makes me feel beautiful. If you‘re hair doesn’t feel like this, then there is something to be done! Keep reading and you’ll find out what.

Something that a lot of people are misinformed about is how to properly treat your hair to get it in its best shape. We take hair pills, we buy special shampoo, we straight-up make random concoctions that we see on YouTube with items from our fridge. The problem is that you’re focusing on the wrong area. All of your hair growth (and your hair oils) come from the scalp. The scalp is the part of your head that you want to keep happy and healthy. A happy scalp means happy hair.

Every Sunday I condition my hair with a deep conditioning mask. You can use hair masks plenty of times a week, but I personally like to only do one a week because I feel like too much conditioner is too greasy for my hair. I absolutely love the Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Hair Mask. First, it’s literally $1.50. Second, it leaves my hair feeling soooo soft afterwards. It’s made with olive oil and Vitamin E which are both great for your hair. This specific mask is also best used on Frizz-Prone hair, which is 100% me.

I‘m currently in the process of hair-training which means that I am only washing my hair every four days (if you’d like to learn more about hair-training, I might do a blog on how to do it!). Any time that I wash my hair in the shower, I follow up with a leave-in conditioner and hair oil. Leave-in conditioner promotes healthy ends of your hair and keeps you from having a bunch of knarly spit ends. As for the hair oil, it helps give my hair a shine and tames down the frizziness! I purchased my leave-in conditioner from TJ Maxx, but unfortunately they are closed due to COVID-19. Don’t worry, Amazon has it! It also has the cutest bottle design. My hair oil can be purchased what seems like almost anywhere, but I got mine from Target. You get so much in a container for only $6! I run my hair oil all through my hair from scalp to ends, and then blow dry afterwards.

Lastly, every other day at nighttime I use a scalp treatment that is infused with Tea Tree and Jojoba, by the brand Cantu. It conditions and encourages your scalp to grow healthy hair! I had never heard of it before but decided to try it out and I love it! It comes with a nozzle-like tip on the top to easily place the treatment on your scalp. I part my hair down the middle and squeeze a little treatment down the part. Then I take my fingers, or a scalp massager if you’re boujee, and rub the treatment into my scalp. I then part my hair in numerous other places and use more treatment. Once I’ve massaged it all into my scalp, I go to bed and wake up with a fully rejuvenated head.

I hope adding a few of these to your daily routine helps you get those luscious locks you’ve been dreaming about. If it’s not length you’re looking for, you’ll still definitely notice a change. Your hair will be so bouncy, everyone will be jelly! Stay safe and stay healthy.


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