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The Hottest Swimsuits for Summer

I woke up this morning staring at the cloudiness outside and then proceeded to check the weather. Lately we've been having these cloudy mornings that eventually turn into the sun coming out, but I'm ready for the sun to be out all day. I was pleasantly surprised when my weather app showed 80 degree weather for at least four days this week and all I could think about was getting outside and tanning by the pool! But what makes the most perfect poolside picture, other than a vodka-lemonade in hand? The perfect swimmie. There are plenty of new styles of swimsuits to check out this summer and I'm here to share all the latest picks.

Animal prints have been making a major comeback for a while now, so what's to stop everyone from wearing it in the summer? Animal prints give a fierce vibe while still being on the cuter side of things. Both of these swimsuits are sure to get your admirer on the "hunt" for you. ;)

Another trend that might come as a shock to you- tie dye! Everyone and their mother has been tie-dyeing any and all white and black pieces of clothing that they own while being stuck in quaratine. Tie dye 'kinis are sure to make a scene and even better, you can make your own!

If your inner self is really a Kardashian, then you'll love the sporty look. Paired with a giant pair of reflective sunglasses, sporty swimsuits are sure to have you looking like you've played competitive volleyball all your life and you have the body to show for it.

Along the lines of sunglasses, if you know for sure that you won't be hitting the beach without them, then floral swimsuits are a great way to go! The retro back is look and it doesn't get more retro than a floral swimsuit with white sunglasses. You'll be ricking the 50s vibe and everyone will want to be you on that beach!

Underwire bras are becoming the new sexy in lingerie, so of course it's going to come out in a swimsuit. What looks more like lingerie than a swimsuit that you can wear in PUBLIC? These kinds of swimmies are perfect for ladies with a smaller bust, but don't let that stop you!

How can I forget the one-shoulder? Perfect if you're in between straps or no straps, one-shoulder swimsuits are just as cute. They give great support, just look out for that knarley tan line! It's summer though, so you'll be out again soon enough to make new tan lines.

Last but not least, polka dots! Polka dots hold a special place in my heart because they instantly make you look more sleek and sophisticated. Pair with high wedges and people are going to start calling you Sharpay Evans!

That's all I have for you! These swimsuits are going to be the highlight of the summer so keep your eyes peeled for some on all of those online shops while you're spending that new stimulus money (ya'll know I know). I tried to incorporate some pieces that are both on the inexpensive side and the higher-end side, so I hope that helps! All links are down below, as always. Stay safe and stay healthy!


Animap Print Swimsuit #1:

Animal Print Swimsuit #2:

Tie Dye Swimsuit #1:

Tie Dye Swimsuit #2:

Sporty Swimsuit #1:

Sporty Swimsuit #2:

Sunglasses for Sporty Swimsuit:

Floral Swimsuit #1:

Floral Swimsuit #2:

Sunglasses for Floral Swimsuit:

Underwire Swimsuit #1:

Underwire Swimsuit #2:

One-Shoulder Swimsuit #1:

One-Shoulder Swimsuit #2:

Polka Dot Swimsuit #1:

Polka Dot Swimsuit #2:

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