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What I've Binge-Watched During Quarantine

Let's face it: as productive as we are or are trying to be during quarantine, we all need some down time. I, personally, think quarantine is the BEST time to start up a new TV show or watch a movie that came out two years ago that you still haven't seen. The boyfriend has been working nights recently so I have started making a routine of getting myself ready for bed before 8pm so that I can cuddle up with my pup and put on a movie. Once he's home though, it's binge time! I want to share a few of my favorite TV shows that we just weren't able to stop watching until we finished. They might be able to help make your quarantine days pass a little faster.

A little disclaimer- these are no way in order and are all my own personal opinion. If you liked something I shared, yay! And if you didn't, I hope I find a TV show to share that you approve of soon. ;)


I'm a little biased already with this one because Jason Bateman is one of my favorite male actors. A father who just found out his wife had been cheating on him gets involved in money laundering and must up and move the entire family to the Ozarks, unless he wants to be killed. The Ozarks are where he’s devised a plan to money launder for his new business partner, with the help of his financial planning background, and will attempt to put back the pieces that were his family. Getting into as many businesses as he can, people in town start to become suspicious of Marty Byrde and he soon gets a lot of people on his tail and want to know what he’s up to. If you like suspenseful shows, this one is for you! There are currently three seasons and it is on the Netflix streaming app.


This is a brand new reality TV show made by Netflix that has everyone HOOKED! And I have to say I'm one of them. Male and female contestants are cooped up together on a private island that is controlled by "an-Alexa-themed" gameshow host named Lana. She runs the show and sees and hears everything. There is only one rule on this show: no physical touching of any kind! Relationships are being made through emotional connections rather than physical, but some [horny] contestants can't take the pressure. Careful though! The winner of the show leaves with $100,000, but if Lana sees any touching, she'll deduct the amount of money you receive. There is only one season of this and it is found on Netflix.


Okay, this one quickly became one of my favorites that I need a new season of NOW. A combination of Love Island and Big Brother, male and female contestants are all separated into their own apartments with no contact with one another. The only way to connect is via a special social media, so you only get to know a person through a screen. That being said, this show is full of catfish! Since you never see the other person, your profile picture can be someone completely different and no one would ever know- except the viewers of course. However, as soon as someone gets "blocked" (or banned), they get the option of meeting anyone face-to-face. You need to trust your gut, talk only to people you find to be genuine, and be true to yourself and others. There is only one season of this and it streams on Netflix.


If you have social media, then you have probably already watched this show without even watching it- you can't escape the Carole Baskin memes! This is a docuseries that focuses on three different animal "sanctuaries" run by three different people throughout the U.S. It's filled with a bunch of country folk who love tigers, money, publicity, and being the best there is when it comes to exotic animals. There are also gay weddings, secret videotaping, lawyers, and Carole Baskin supposedly killing her husband and feeding him to the tigers. Is it true? You'll have to watch and find out... There is only one season of this show and it streams on Netflix.


I'm a little late to the game on this one, but better late than never right? This show portrays a story about a community of women who get placed individually into homes where the wife can’t produce children, so the husband undergoes intercourse with a handmaid to give them a child. Handmaids are only allowed to speak when spoken to and do anything and everything the wife pleases. These women decide enough is enough and start to come together to rise up and overthrow the new government that they’ve found themselves in, but it’s not as easy as it seems. This show is very dramatic and is definitely on the heavier side of things (emotion-wise) so keep that in mind. There are some scenes that are hard to watch! There are three seasons and is found on Hulu.

These are my top five favorite shows that I have binge-watched on Netflix (and Hulu) so far this quarantine. What have you watched? Let me know! Stay safe and stay healthy.


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