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Your New Quara-Routine

Welcome back!

There's one topic out there right now that no one can stop talking about (and rightfully so), and that one thing is: coronavirus. Coronavirus has taken over our lliiiivveess people. Seriously! All jokes aside, it definitely is something not to be taken lightly and you SHOULD be staying home and you SHOULD be practicing social distancing.

With that being said, it was getting pretty dull waking up every morning to just lay in bed all day. Seriously, I had gone DAYS without moving and I was sick and tired of it. Thus, the quara-routine. I developed a schedule that involves numerous activities to keep me active and moving throughout the day, and so far it has been amazing! So I'm here to share it with ya'll.

Let's dive right in!

7:45AM-8:00AM: I am starting to try and train my body to get a good night's sleep so that it is easier to wake up in the morning. Being productive in the morning is my absolute favorite, but it's a little hard to do when you're still sleeping! I have started setting my alarm on my phone to 7:45AM. That way I can give myself 15-minutes to wake up and drag myself out of bed. I hope to be out of bed by 8:00AM on the dot, give or take five minutes.

8:00AM-8:30AM: Once I'm out of bed, I head to the bathroom to do my morning skincare routine. I will upload a post about that once I find all of the right products for me (since I've only been doing this skin care routine for about three days). After skin care I throw on some deodorant and brush my teeth and get dressed in some athletic wear for my morning walk.

8:30AM-8:45AM: Depending on how on time I am, I will take these last few minutes to gather all of my belongings for my walk (i.e. phone, wallet, keys, headphones) and make myself a water bottle to-go. I also make sure that I'm wearing my Apple Watch so that I can track how far I've walked and how many calories I've burned. If I'm running behind I will give myself the extra 15-minutes- I just want to be out of the house by 9:00AM. Can you guys tell I have some OCD?

9:00-10:30AM: I like walking at 9:00AM because it's not too chilly where your nose and lips are cold, and there's also still not very many people out yet. So far my walks have been wasting an hour and a half but I have been taking the same route. It usually averages about four miles. I put my headphones in and listen to podcasts from my phone. I am currently obsessed with a podcast called Call Her Daddy that I will listen to my entire walk (Warning: If you have sensitive ears or a sensitive mind, this is not the podcast for you!).

Halfway through my walk I will mobile order a coffee (and sometimes breakfast) and pick it up on the way. Mobile ordering ensures no touching involved! My go-to coffee order recently has been a vanilla latte with Oat Milk. I'm late to the Oat Milk hype so I'm soaking it all up. It was actually super good and I went out and bought a carton of Oat Milk so I can make these lattes at home!

10:30AM-11:00AM: If I didn't get breakfast on my walk (and I'm hungry for it), I will make myself some breakfast. My go-to easy breakfast's are bagels, fried egg on toast, or instant oatmeal. I will usually go on my phone while I eat.

11:00AM-1:00PM: After my breakfast, I like to stimulate the brain by doing some work. As you guys already know, I have gotten into blogging so that is what I will be doing during this time. I was using this time to do a puzzle or color or learn Spanish using Duolingo on my phone.

1:00PM-1:30/1:45PM: Since I have been sitting for a while at this point, I like to get my body moving again, so I'll use this time to get my workout in. I usually will just go on to YouTube and find a twenty or thirty minute at-home workout to get my heart pumping. Since these are usually fast-paced, they are great cardio as well!

2:00PM-5:00PM: Now, I like to give myself some chores. Not the boring ones though. I like to do something that will benefit me-something that I wouldn't normally do unless I was locked up inside. I will do things such as cleaning my makeup brushes, tidying up our room, giving my dog a bath, or doing loads of laundry. I have also started to clean out our garage a bit which will DEFINITELY make time fly by.

5:00PM-7:00PM: Now I start to kick my feet up, tell myself that I've had a really productive day, and turn on Grey's Anatomy. I haven't been watching too much TV during the day so it's nice to use it as a way to relax later in the evening. Around 6:00PM is when the boyfriend gets let off the job, so I will call him and we will talk on the phone until he gets home. Once he gets home, dinner is usually ready (Bless!) and we make ourselves a plate together and eat dinner together while watching Grey's Anatomy.

7:00PM-8:00PM: Grey's Anatomy is still playing, but I take this time now to do my nighttime skin care routine. It usually involves a face mask so it takes a little longer since they stay on for upwards of 20 minutes. I will also get into comfy PJ's and socks (yes, I sleep with my socks ON).

8:00PM-9:00PM: The boyfriend has an early bed time since he works early in the morning, so we try and settle down for bed at this time. I'm am more awake than him so I will pull out my laptop and do some more work until I find myself falling asleep.

And that's it! I know, kind of a long one! If you read the whole thing, I thank you (and applaud you). I hope that this helps gives you some ideas and inspirations for your quarantine days! What do you do during quarantine? Send me a message and let me know. Tata for now!


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